Paper is the 7th greatest thing ever made in Colorado. 

Conceived in a 1948 Panel Van after a Prince concert, he was raised on The Blues,

The Talking Heads, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

While other children learned to read and write, Paper learned drums, guitar, trumpet and harmonica. At 14, Paper heard his first record scratch. He fell in love.

He began building a name for himself playing house parties, unaware that this path lead him to being dubbed the best party rock Dj the world has ever seen.

At 18 Paper moved to Arizona and attended The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences for Audio Engineering and Music Production. 

With his new skills and old passion, he moved to Los Angeles where he started Djing at LA Lives NOVO VIP entertaining notable act such as Nas, Busta Rhymes. 

In the past 10 years paper has held residencies at major Hollywood Mega-clubs while building a strong brand entertaining celebrity parties and high caliber corporate events.

You can catch him on Tastemakers Radio.